About Us


Irasshaimase! Welcome to Jikigai!
We at Jikigai believe that every person in this World deserve to find what we call Ikigai (jp. : 生き甲斐), meaning “a reason to live for” or “Joy and Lifegoals”. Everyone of us has the ability to find their own Ikigai and we believe that we can provide you enlightenment, joy, fulfillment and yet elegant and genuine experience. To do all that we offer beautifully designed Jewelry, made with purpose of showing you the path to find you own Ikigai. Embark with us on journey of self discovery. Let yourself be absorbed by our many collections specifically chosen to help you find your path. Let us spark anew your passion and make your Jinsei (jp. : 人生) inspiriational. Everyday.
~Once again, welcome to Jikigai~




Renewal of Life

Sakura Flowers are symbolic flowers for the coming of spring making it the perfect time for renewal and fleeting nature of life. Just like their meaning, we believe that for every new page of our lives we need a symbol to mark the beginning of this new page. Sakura Flowers or Cherry Blossoms bloom in spring for only a couple of days before all the petal unavoidably fall to the ground where they are absorbed by the earth and lay the foundation for new petals to grow and rise. Just like those petal, we should cherish our moments no matter how short they are.

Spirit of Adventure

Cats are symbolic for Patience, Independence, Spirit of Adventure and yet Deep, relaxed connection with oneself.
Waiting for the right moment to act cats have a harmonious relationship between light and dark, action and observation. Just like cats we spiritually embark on profound journeys of self discovery. The crescent moon represents enlightenment, immortality, time. Paired with our Spirit for Adventure and our journey, cats are a magical and enchanting, staring with their yellow eyes shining bright even in the darkest night.

See the World

Do you love traveling?
Did you know that most people who are traveling are on a journey to find themselves?
They are constantly searching for what inspires them.
And when they find it they are full of excitement, adrenalin rushes through their head,
their chest, their arms, their legs. Their entire body starts to to get hot because
they are absorbing everything wherever they go. The air, the smell, the sound, the feel, the moment.

Are you a Traveler?

Walk Your Path

Sometimes we all feel so small and insignificant. Maybe its because we are small. But not insignificant.
However small we may be we will walk own way trying to be a little bit bigger than yesterday.
With the universe in our hands we decide our path.
This necklace will remind you of all the possibilities that are waiting for you. Grasp your chances. Give yourself a purpose.