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We at Jikigai believe that every person in this World deserve to find what we call Ikigai (jp. : 生き甲斐), meaning "a reason to live for" or "Joy and Lifegoals". Everyone of us has the ability to find their own Ikigai and we believe that we can provide you enlightenment, joy, fulfillment and yet elegant and genuine experience. To do all that we offer beautifully designed Jewelry, made with purpose of showing you the path to find you own Ikigai. Embark with us on journey of self discovery. Let yourself be absorbed by our many collections - like Spirit of Adventure , Walk Your Path , See The World and many more. All these are specifically chosen to help you find your own path. Let us spark anew your passion and make your Jinsei (jp. : 人生) Life - inspiriational. Everyday.
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Renewal of Life - Sakura Flower Earring
Walk Your Path - Personalized Heart Letter Bracelet
Spirit of Adventure - Lunar Cat Necklace
Walk Your Path - Open Heart Crystal Bracelet
Enlightenment – Pearl Feather Earring
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Find harmony between action and observation
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Surround yourself in an ocean of sakura flowers
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Stare into the beautiful World of possibilities and find your ikigai
and discover infinite possibilities

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